Sell House Fast Fort Worth, Texas

There are endless reasons for needing to sell house fast Fort Worth, Texas and the Power Team members Focus and Specialize in all of them! Here is just a Few examples...

 Job Loss


 Pending Divorce

 Legal Troubles

 Just need the Cash

 Facing Foreclosure

 House Needs A Ton Of Work

 Tired Of Being A Landlord

 Medical Issues

If any of these are remotely close to what you feel your situation is, then we need to chat guys!  Selling your house fast is as simple as filling out the information in the form to your right. ----->>

The Perks you will Love once you contact us:

1.    We will close your property in 7-10 days (or on a date of your choice) 
all done through the title company If that is the way you need it.  We do not have to wait for banks.  Imagine what your life would be like in 10 days with your debts paid off and cash money in your pocket.  Feels extremely good huh? Yes it does!

2.    We will purchase your house "AS-IS". I know you here this all the time but really there is No added costs to you to "Fix up the home" as your real estate agent will happily advise you to do. Waste of time if you ask us!

3.    Most important part! The "net" price that get's quoted to you is what you put in your pocket to take home or to your bank! Your favorite word should be "net" after we do this quick real life breakdown. Let’s compare a home sale that the traditional real estate agent will do for a homeowner.  Watch this get out a pen and paper guys! After the sale price is suggested and determined you will also incur these costs which as you see add up:  6% commission to your realtor, 3% for estimated closing costs at title company (any title company), 3-5% in repairs that the new buyers will generally want a reduction on from the price (many times more than this), and then there's the holding costs you will be paying while you try and sell (unless you are living at a friends house during this).  Typically that could be another 3-5 months worth of payments and utility bills$$ if the house house actually sells during this time period.  You have lost almost 15% from the start! 

You could try to sell the house yourself. Here's the statistics. Did you know that nearly 
80% of FSBO (for sale by owner) houses eventually make their way to an agent to sell their property? It's harder than you think. DO you have the time? Do you have the marketing ability to ensure the property gets sold and closed?

By selling to us you will get a fair, all cash creative offer...and I can close within days for you.

4. I NEVER will create an unfair offer.  There will NEVER only be one offer we will give you. We are too creative in real estate to only give you one. We give you many different options to chose from depending on what the situation is. Thinking outside the box is our speciality! In many cases I can pay TOP DOLLAR for your property. I want you to be Happy.  Our goal is to create a beneficial sale where we have a win/win situation. We both will feel good about doing business with each other!

My name is Dillon and I am a professional Real Estate Investor that will guarantee you many different creative offers on your house to choose from and help you 
sell house fast Texas.  You are under no obligation to get a free evaluation from us.

So Fill out the form to your right  ------>>